Fab Collabs

Personally, I’m not really a fan of collaborations, or as you would call it in school: group work. There’s always a chance your partners will be lazy, inattentive, unbearingly overly controlling… Ugh.

Thankfully that doesn’t really seem to be reflective in my iTunes library. Over the past month its been overflowing with some all-star music collaborations that I just can’t get enough of.


Taylor and Ed performing together – a pairing that I like to call “The Dream Team.”

As a big (read: enormous) fan of the adorable Taylor Swift and equally adorable Ed Sheeran, I am 100% biased when I say that I’m in love with their single “Everything Has Changed.”

Upon listening to the track, which is from Taylor’s 2012 release Red, it’s obvious that the two are completely at ease working as a duet. Individually, both artists have the chance to showcase their impressive vocals on the cutesy tune.

Now on to a lesser known collab: All Time Low and Pierce the Veil.

Over years and years of touring together, All Time Low has become close friends with Pierce the Veil.  Currently, they’re touring together again along with The Wonder Years in support of A Day to Remember’s arena tour.


ATL+PTV. Photo: Adam Elmakias

They’ve spent so much time together on the road so it was really just a matter of time before they took their friendship into the studio. And from that studio time came the All Time Low release “A Love Like War” featuring Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil.

Both Alex Gaskarth, ATL frontman, and Fuentes have similarly memorable voices but surprisingly they do not clash. “A Love Like War” is different from ATL’s previous work however there’s still a hint of the band’s signature style that will make any fan feel right at home.

As a long time fan of ATL, I was unsure of the collab at first but I’ve found myself playing this tune on repeat for days and days and days – I can’t wait to hear it played live! (Pssst! The music video is really cool too!)

Soon Zedd (you know “Clarity,” yeah?) will release the deluxe edition of his debut album so Hayley Williams, front woman of Paramore, stepped in to provide vocals for the album’s lead single, “Stay the Night.”

Album artwork for Hayley and Zedd's collab.

Album artwork for Hayley and Zedd’s collab.

Hayley is really no stranger to mainstream collaborations or success, though. Remember in 2010 when she teamed with B.o.B to create “Airplanes?” That song became one of the hottest songs of the year and broke the top ten in a whopping nineteen countries, so I’m sure it rings a bell.

On “Stay the Night” Zedd and Hayley made a tune that’s completely danceable. And Hayley’s vocals are so good they’re basically being presented to the listener on a silver platter. Like her previous collaborations there’s no doubt this one with Zedd will be equally as successful. Either way I’ll be blasting this one long into the chilly days of fall.

But hey, before you break out your credit card or that iTunes gift card your Aunt Marie gave you for your birthday to purchase these killer singles, you might want to wait and save your dollars on one of these future collaborations.

We all know that Miley Cyrus is soon to release her album Bangerz. And on a scale of 1-10, I’m about a 16 when it comes to how excited I am for this. Wanna know why? Apparently her new album will bring collaborations from Ludicrous, Big Sean and even pop princess Britney Spears. Luda?! BRITNEY?! I. Can’t. Wait.

And if that wasn’t enough to make your account balance weep, Pharrell Williams confirmed to the Sunday Mirror that he is in talks to collaborate with One Direction in the future. On their fourth studio album, I would wager to guess. Ed Sheeran recently tweeted that he was in the studio with Pharrell as well. Pharrell is just all over the place.

I’m not complaining, though. We all know how well his collabs have done this year (ahem, “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky”, anyone?), so I have no doubt that his work with these Brits will yield unbelievable results.

As I impatiently away the arrival of these future collaborations, I’ll be spending my time listening to these current jaw dropping collabs.


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