Super Duper Cool Summer 2013 Jams

As the heavy summer air slowly begins to morph into cool, fall air, I thought to take a few minutes to reflect on the great tunes that I’ve been playing on loop over the past few months. I did make a music recommendations post on the 4th of July, but this post will encompass the full breadth of summer anthems and ballads that have been coming from my car/computer/phone.

Some of these picks will come as no surprise, while others are probably lesser known artists and songs. Nonetheless, I present to you the ‘Super Duper Cool Summer 2013 Jams’ (best title ever, right?).

  1. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharell
  2. Still Into You by Paramore
  3. Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd
  4. Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert
  5. We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus
  6. Try Hard by 5 Seconds of Summer
  7. Somebody’s Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes
  8. Not Over You by Gavin Degraw
  9. Feel Again by OneRepublic
  10. Classic by MKTO
  11. Chloe (You’re The One I Want) by Emblem3
  12. First Time by Jonas Brothers
  13. All Night by Icona Pop
  14. Royals by Lorde
  15. Harlem by New Politics
  16. Birthday by Selena Gomez
  17. Best Song Ever by One Direction
  18. Cruise (Remix) by Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly
  19. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran
  20. Home by Gabrielle Aplin
  21. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
  22. Out of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums
  23. Paper Doll by John Mayer
  24. Roar by Katy Perry
  25. Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell

Calum (5SOS), Alex Gaskarth, John Feldman (producer), Luke (5SOS) in the studio together.
Photo: 5 Seconds of Summer Twitter

5 Seconds of Summer – I know, I know I’ve been going on about 5SOS all summer, but I had include them in this post so that I could talk about their upcoming debut album. The band are currently in the U.S. working with various producers and songwriters on the project, and one of those producers/songwriters happens to be Alex Gaskarth, frontman of pop-rock band All Time Low. All Time Low hails from my home state and I’ve been a fan of the band for years and years now, so I was incredibly excited to find out that Alex would be working with the Aussie guys. I can’t wait to hear what comes from this collaboration!

Lorde – Lorde, or Ella Yelich-O’Connor (that’s a mouth full isn’t it?), is another artist that hails from the South Pacific – Auckland, New Zealand to be exact. I had heard rumblings about how talented she was for a few weeks now so I finally decided to give her a listen. And wow, am I glad I did. At just 16 years old (yeah, SIXTEEN), it was hard not to feel inadequate when I realized that her talent is every bit as stunning as it had been described.

Selena Gomez – I’ll be honest, I used to hate Selena Gomez’s music. But there are a few songs on her new album, Stars Dance, that I just can’t help but like. “Birthday” is one of those songs. And the video for it makes me wish that everyday was my birthday (haha, get it?! sorry…so sorry).

Icona Pop  I know that everyone and their mother has been listening to “I Love It” by Icona Pop all summer long. And it’s gotten old. REAL old. I don’t love it. Nope. Not anymore. But their newest song “All Night” swept in at just the right time to feed my need for the Swedish duo.

An excellent (ha ha ha) picture of Justin Timberlake at Hershey Park earlier this month via my Instagram.

An excellent (ha ha ha) picture of Justin Timberlake at Hershey Park earlier this month via my Instagram.

Ed Sheeran – In January, I had the pleasure of seeing Ed play to about 1,400 people. Fast forward to November – just 10 months later – and he’ll be performing in front of roughly 18,000 fans. The other day Ed surprised fans with the HUGE news that he’d be headlining Madison Square Garden this fall. Madison. Square. Garden. I’m going to try my absolute hardest to be one of those 18,000 fans in attendance.

Justin Timberlake – I just found out (as in while I was writing this blog post) that Justin Timberlake would be releasing another album this year. Why didn’t I know this? How come no one told me!? I feel as if I’ve been living under a rock! Either way I’m incredibly anxious to hear what else Justin has in store for us, because it’s going to be mighty difficult to top The 20/20 Experience.

You know, it’s kind of sad that summer is coming to a close. Summer is such a special time in general, but for music especially. Concert goers are more free in the summer time; maybe it’s because we have the time and the energy to fully enjoy and connect with the music that we’re listening to.

Either way, I’m sad to see the summer go. Until next year…


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