Mixtape Festival Fun: Jonas Brothers

JONAS_headereditIn my fifth and final installment in the Mixtape Festival Series I’m here to chat about the outstanding show the Jonas Brothers put on for fans at Hershey Stadium on day 2 of the pop music extravaganza.

As I noted (er, complained about) in my Mixtape Festival Fun: Emblem3 post, it was a miserably gloomy day for music lovers. There were rain delays, ugly ponchos and annoying marching bands involved. Needless to say, my friend and I were not happy campers.

Lucky for Jonas fans the rain stopped just in time for the brothers and their band to take the stage. By the sound of the cheers I don’t think the crowd (me included!) could have been any more pleased.

Now the Jo Bros have been a band for about 8 years (not including that pesky hiatus they went on) so I was unsure of what their setlist would consist of. No doubt it would be an enjoyable set considering the band have a reputation for putting on a swell show. But with Nick’s and Joe’s solo albums, movie soundtracks, 4 full length albums, and another album on the way it was anyone’s guess as to what they would play.

At the end of the night it was impossible to be disappointed with the assortment of songs they performed. Tunes were selected from Nick’s album Who I Am, Joe’s solo endeavor Fastlife, 3 of their full lengths (Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer, Lines Vines and Trying Times) and even songs from the Camp Rock Soundtrack. 


JB goofs off with a fan at the Mixtape Festival meet and greet. Photo: Mixtape Festival Flickr.

As soon as they broke into their opening song, “S.O.S”, my friend and I were on our feet clapping and singing along – we knew we were in for a treat.

“Thinking About You”, their Frank Ocean cover, was perhaps unknown to many of the bands younger fans. But for those fans who have grown alongside the brothers it was an unexpected but welcomed note that proved how the guys have changed musically.

That change, or progression as it should more accurately be called, was obvious when they played “What Do I Mean to You?” from their 5th yet to be released album V.

Out of all the songs JB played that night – no matter old or new – this one was the shining star. The structure of the song is unconventional compared to their other material but I throughly welcomed it. The intense vocals and instruments also stray from the old JB ways and show a more sophisticated sound for the band.

That wasn’t the only new song the crowd got to hear from the Jonas Brothers, though. The guys also played their comeback single “Pom Poms”, “Found”, “The World” and current single “First Time.”

Jonas Brothers lighting up crowd in spite of the rainy gloom.

Jonas Brothers lighting up crowd in spite of the rainy gloom.

Later on, I was beyond pleased that the band slowed things down for a few songs to play “When You Look Me in the Eyes” as well as “Lovebug.” The latter in particular is a song I was not expecting to hear at all. So when Nick began to strum the opening notes on his acoustic guitar my jaw dropped. I sang along so loudly that I’m sure my 14 -year-old self could hear me all the way back in 2007.

Other unexpected delights included “Gotta Find You” from Camp Rock, “Who I Am” and “Last Time Around” from Nick’s album and “See No More” off of Joe’s solo project.

To close out their set the band picked the energy right back up. They couldn’t help but indulge fans once more by playing their 2008 hit “Burnin’ Up.” The song allowed Nick to break away from his mic stand and pal around with his brothers and band mates while making his way around the stage.

At the end of the song the 3 brothers joined hands at the center of the stage to bow together in true Jonas Brothers fashion. The crowd cheered for an almost endless amount of time as all of the musicians made their way off the stage.

This high energy and grown up performance served as a preface for what the next few chapters of the Jonas Brothers’ career holds – and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Well, that’s a wrap on my series of Mixtape Festival blog posts! I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading my take on the live acts the festival had to offer. Maybe next year I’ll see you there?!

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