Mixtape Festival Fun: Train

trainheadereditWith my third post in the Mixtape Festival series, I’ll be talking about the San Franciscan rock band Train. Train have been on the musical map for almost 20 years now and have without a doubt become a household name in that time.

Through their enthusiastic and surprise filled set, the band proved exactly why they’re so well loved.

If you’ve heard the band’s song “Mermaid” or seen the video for it then you’ll know how fun and cheeky it is. To perform the song live the band kept that fun and cheeky vibe going by bringing out a slew of fans dressed like mermaids – girls, guys, kids, parents, etc. – from backstage to sing and dance (and take selfies) to the song.

Near the end of the song Pat busted out the saxophone and performed a duet with a trumpet player! Just one of the many unexpected treats of their set.

Those unexpected surprises continued as Pat brought little known country singer Ashley Monroe out on stage for another duet. She seemed slightly nervous at first as if she was unaccustomed to being on a large stage and in front of such a large audience, but by the end of the song she had loosened up and become as comfortable as ever.

Just like the opening artists that day, Pat took a break from the stage by embarking on a long walk through the audience while singing “Marry Me.” He high-fived and hugged all the fans he could while weaving in and out of rows of seats.

Photo: Mixtape Festival Instagram

Photo: Mixtape Festival Instagram

Even more of Pat’s generosity was shown when he tossed Train t-shirts and beach balls out into the crowd. He even pulled a Sharpie out of his pocket to sign a few while he was singing before throwing them out to expecting fans.

“Drops of Jupiter” was the band’s best song of the night which may come as no surprise as it’s one if their biggest hits. To me, it was an incredibly strange mix of calming and exhilarating to hear such an iconic song come to life in front of my eyes. If you’ve never felt the comfort of singing along to one of your favorite songs with thousands of other music lovers then it should be at the tippy-top of your bucket list.

To close out the show Train welcomed Ashley Monroe, Hanson, The Script and OneRepublic back to the stage for a friend filled sing along of “The Weight” by The Band.

The ensemble performance was a treat for fans of all the artists and a wonderful summation of a long day of music. Taylor Hanson even put down his mic for a moment to snap a few pictures of his fellow performers (and the crowd!) to capture the memorable moment.

Coming up next: Emblem 3 on day 2 of the Mixtape Festival!


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