Mixtape Festival Fun: Emblem 3

E3_headereditHello there, I’m back!

To kick off my 4th post in the Mixtape Festival Series, I’ll be chatting about the Washington State band Emblem3 and their performance on day 2 of the fest.

The band may be lesser known than many of the other big name artists that I’ve covered thus far so I’ll give you a brief history of their career thus far…

Emblem3 consists of Drew Chadwick and brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg. Last year the trio auditioned for and competed in the second season of The X Factor USA.

Their live performances on the talent competition allowed them to showcase their energetic stage presence and authentic talent, and even gave their songwriting abilities a place to shine.

Throughout the show the guys were praised by the judges on countless occasions and they even built up quite a flirtationship with judge Demi Lovato. But in the end they came in fourth place behind Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar and girl band Fifth Harmony.

However, that didn’t stop the band from continuing on with their music – which is a wildly eclectic mix of pop rock, hip hop and reggae. So they set up shop late last year and recorded their very first album, which saw co-writes and collaborations with Max Martin, Sam Hollander, the Madden brothers and many more accomplished names.

Soon the band will get a taste of what it’s like to trek across the States as they embark as an opener on the North American leg of Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance Tour.

Photo: Mixtape Festival Instagram

Photo: Mixtape Festival Instagram

Well then, now that you’ve been through Emblem3 101 lets chat about the Mixtape Festival, shall we?

Saturday’s weather contrasted immensely with day 1 of the festival, as it was a miserably gloomy and rainy day. My friend and I arrived at Hershey Stadium later than we had hoped and we could hear the beginnings of Emblem3’s set as we arrived. By the time we made the trek from the parking lot to the stadium gates we realized that the music had stopped and then quickly realized that there was a rain delay due to the storm.

After waiting about 45 minutes – some of it spent outside under our umbrellas and the rest spent inside of a muggy indoor arena listening to some annoyingly cheerful marching band – we were finally allowed to enter the stadium.

After attendees  had filed back in the three good looking boys hopped back on stage and treated the crowd to another 7 songs; altogether they put on a 10 song set – much longer than I would have expected for an opening act at a music festival.

They bounded back and forth across the rain sullied stage and seemed genuinely excited to be performing. I found their single “Chloe” to be the catchiest song of the night as it remained cemented in my mind for days afterwards. Other tracks such as “Sunset Blvd.” and “XO” stood out and had me dancing as well.

While I didn’t care for most of their other songs, I have to commend the guys for staying so upbeat while performing in the rain. It can’t be easy to sing and dance while water is hitting you in the face, but attempting to entertain a soggy and irritated crowd is probably the more daunting task.

Photo: emblem3.com

Photo: emblem3.com

However, E3 avoided a potentially awful set by infusing the crowd with their seemingly endless amounts of energy.

Having just released that debut album on July 30th, 3 days after their Mixtape appearance, Emblem3 are only in the early stages of their career.

As long as they keep moving with the same momentum and work ethic as they’ve demonstrated thus far there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll become a force to be reckoned with in the pop music scene.

In my fifth and final Mixtape Festival post I’ll be talking about the grown up Disney gods also known as the Jonas Brothers. There’s new songs, old songs and even surprise songs in a post you won’t wanna miss!


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