Jawbreaking: Crazy Stupid Love


Aly Silverio styling Jawbreaking’s Dazed and Confused muscle tank from a previous line.

Hi there! I hope you’re all well and staying cool if you’re being affected by this monstrous heat wave we’re having on the East Coast.

In this edition of PopSyd I’ll be chatting about one of my favorite clothing brands called Jawbreaking. Now, if you don’t know what Jawbreaking is, then allow me to educate you…

4 18JawbreakingJersey_Crop_TeeOwner/designer/HBIC Aly Silverio started what was Jawbreaking Jewelry when she was just 15 years old. In 5 years time, Aly has dropped the jewelry completely – she’s now simply Jawbreaking and makes only apparel (with the exception of a few rare items). In that time span, the ambitious and hard working girl has turned her tiny bedroom business endeavor into a full scale operation equipped with her very own office space.

Right now, few of the 20-year-old’s designs are being sold at Zumiez and Urban Outfitters, have been featured in Girls Life Magazine and she’s done multiple stints on the Vans Warped Tour. And if that isn’t enough, Jawbreaking has been worn and loved by the likes of Simple Plan (Pierre 5 DCPPeaceLove_FlowyTeeBouvier basically lives in the brand), Megan and Liz and even Ed Sheeran.

On July 18th, Aly released a whole new line of jaw dropping graphic tees called “Crazy Stupid Love.”

Leading up to the release of Crazy Stupid Love, Aly seriously teased fans on Jawbreaking’s Twitter and Instagram with tons of snaps and short videos from the photoshoot (which was done by the fantastic Amy Lynn Photography, much like Jawbreaking’s other photo shoots). It’s safe to say that fans of Jawbreaking, myself included, were anxious for Aly to unleash a new round of merch to purchase.

With Jawbreaking’s past releases, I’ve absolutely drooled over some of the pieces but have also been somewhat “meh” about others. Overall, though, it’s evident in each and every one of the designs that Aly creates that she truly puts her all into every last detail – and these new designs are no exception.

2 ImOverIt_FlowyTeeAs a whole, Crazy Stupid Love is one of Jawbreaking’s most impressive lines yet.

Throughout this round of shirts, Aly seems to stray away from hand drawn and elaborate designs. Instead she opts for mostly bold text, simple graphics and photos to decorate the styleable tees, tanks and crop tops.

One design that stands out from this claim is the Jawbreaking x DCP collab. Jawbreaking paired up with British dancer and model Danielle Peazer to create a unique and personal tee for Jawbreaking and Danielle fans alike.

The shirt, available in a flowy t-shirt (right) as well as a crop t-shirt, features the phrase “Peace. 3 OverDressed_TShirtLove. Happiness” around a series of triangles and an infinity symbol in traditional Jawbreaking fashion. Danielle has the same phrase tattooed on her wrist and Aly has the infinity symbol tattooed on hers, making the shirt a reflection of both girls’ body art.

As for the rest of the new line, there are quite a few that jumped out at me right away and pretty much yelled, “Buy me!”

My favorite? The I’m Over It Flowy T-shirt (above right) takes the cake. It’s sassy and simple; and the flower graphic has me thinking that this would be perfectly paired with a huge red flannel, combat boots, some overly destroyed shorts and possibly even a fedora.

1 OOTD_Crop_TankOther kick ass styles that called out to me are the #OOTD Crop Tank (bottom left), the Over Dressed Destroyed Tee (right) and the Lucky Jersey Crop T-Shirt (top left). In each one of these shirts, Aly’s attitude and style shines bright through and you get a little taste of her personality.

So what could possibly make Jawbreaking’s newest release any better? Nothing, right? Wrongggg!

Aly is almost constantly having sales for Jawbreaking’s online store (and she has a reputation of extending those sales as well!). By using the code ‘CrazyStupidLove’ (no spaces!), you can receive 10% off your entire Jawbreaking order. And if you spend $100 or more, you can receive free worldwide shipping.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get shopping and welcome the Crazy Stupid Love shirts to the Jawbreaking family!


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