Style Round Up – July 7th-13th

cropsIt’s time for the 2nd second edition of the Style Round Up!

In this round I’ll be touching on styles from Sunday, July 7th through Saturday, July 13th, featuring Little Mix, Electra Formosa, Blake Lively, Aly Michalka, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This group of girls is a bit of an unusual mix for me; I’ve only just discovered Rosie and Electra within the past month or so. But I wanted to keep things interesting – for both myself and you! – by mixing in a few people the media isn’t constantly covering.

littlemixFirst up: Little Mix! If you pay attention to the fashion choices of the X-Factor formed girl group at all, then you’ll know that sometimes their outfits are rather unfortunate. That may be a little harsh, but baggy shirt dresses, even baggier jeans and bejeweled crop tees just really aren’t my thing. The girls are known lovers of 90’s fashion, though, so that might explain some of it…

However, at a meet and greet in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 9th the Brit girls truly stepped up their fashion game in floral prints, high-waisted styles and denim. Perrie’s (left) look is by far my favorite. I love the flounciness (I think I just made up a new word?!) of her skirt and how comfy her worn in tee looks. I’m always a fan of a good top bun too, and Perrie’s bun definitely passes the test!

Jade (right) sports another outfit I wouldn’t mind lifting and wearing myself. Her simple belted, floral dress is absolutely perfect for warm weather; and paired with her natural looking waves and wrist full of colorful bracelets, Jade hits the easy summertime look right on the head.

electra-formosa-uk-screening-of-disney-channels_3748223Across the pond on July 7th, stylist Electra Formosa attended a screening of the new Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie in London, England. Like I said before, I’ve only just heard of Electra. But while scrolling through this past week’s news, I completely fell in love with her Three Floor dress and thought it would be somewhat of a crime not to share it with you. (You’re welcome!)

The cut outs and the bright pop of red are perfect for a summer event, and show an appropriate amount of skin for a Disney event. Her dress isn’t so shockingly red that it competes for attention with or clashes with the intense yellow of her Topshop wedges. To be honest – I’m kind of in love with those wedges. Normally, I’m not a fan of a chunky, platform wedge, but I think the occasion and color bring this outfit to life; as does her glowing skin – what a babe!


Speaking of babes… Blake Lively commanded the red (or black?) carpet in Burberry at the July 9th NYC premiere of her husband’s new animated film, Turbo.

Aside from the glint of color from her rings, Blake’s enormously eye catching skirt is quite obviously the standout piece in this outfit. Her tanned skin, super simple makeup and bare nails draw even more attention to her skirt. Her heels do this too, and also elongate her legs (not that they really need elongating…). And as I noted in my previous style round up, I love high waisted styles – and this one is no exception.

AlyAJMichalkaGrownups2Premiere_282129On July 10th, Aly Michalka walked the red carpet of the Grown Ups 2 premiere, also held in NYC. This is definitely not the Aly that I’m used to seeing but I have to say, I love it.

After Easy A, my opinion of Aly had been teetering on the edge of dislike. While her character in the film, Rihnannon, did provide a few quality laughs, most the them were at the expense of or in response to comments made about her large breast size; obviously, this did not bode well for females.

But this complete transformation into a chic, classy brunette Aly is something that I could totally get on board with. It’s sophisticated and grown up, while still being sexy.

Much like Blake, Aly’s nails are bare, her accessories and jewelry kept simple. The attention here is focused on her glossy hair and intense red lips. The combination of these give her a bit of a Jessica Rabbit look, I think.

rosie1Rosie is another pick of this week’s Style Round Up that I’ve just recently discovered. I do know a few things about her, though: she’s British, she’s a model/actress, she looks absolutely killer on this months cover of Glamour and the girl knows how to rock a crop top.

On July 10th at the ModelCo Black Tie Dinner, she wore a two piece crop top and skirt from Calvin Klein Collection. The simple waves in her hair fit perfectly for the island location of the event, and her bright pink lips and glowing cheeks made her look incredibly stunning. But as a Victoria’s Secret model – that’s really no surprise!

Another detail of Rosie’s outfit that I love is her rings. While they’re not so extravagant, when paired with her other dainty jewelry it’s just enough to bring a little sparkle to her look.

That’s all, folks! Hopefully this was a fun one – and that the Style Wrap Up’s are something you’re enjoying.


I want to hear your thoughts!

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