Welcome to PopSyd!

524354_10151002152683251_148820401_nHello there 🙂

I guess I should introduce myself, huh? Well, I’m Sydney, or Syd for short. I’m a college student who loves cupcakes, live music and Jason Segel, among (LOTS of) other things…

Really, I have a bit of an obsessive personality. Ask my oldest sister or my best friends and they’ll tell you: when I love something, I obsess over it. Over the years, one aspect of our world that I’ve continuously been obsessed with is pop culture. So I thought, why not write about it? And with that, I decided to start PopSyd.

On here you can expect to read my thoughts and critiques on all things in pop culture that I’m currently loving – from celebrities, to music, to fashion, and so on. I don’t want to limit myself as to what topics I’ll be blogging about, so get ready to read something new (and maybe possibly even unexpected?!) with every post!

Well, that about sums it all up, I think! I can’t wait to get rolling and start blogging, and I certainly hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.

Stay tuned for my first post, which will be popping up this week!


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