One Direction in the Capital City


Fans anxiously awaiting the arrival of One Direction outside of the Verizon Center

I had been thoughtfully pondering what to make my first post about for a day or 2, and I was very unhappily undecided… But as soon as I stepped out of the Verizon Center on Sunday evening after seeing One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour, I knew that I had to write about it.


Squealing over 1D tickets… we really couldn’t help it.

On Sunday, my friends and I knew One Direction were in town so we thought to take the day to explore DC in hopes that we’d get a glimpse of the ultra swoon-worthy boy-band.


We’d heard rumors that there were leftover tickets in the venue’s box office so at the last minute we decided to check for the face value tickets, and guess what – we got them! And let me tell you, we were beyond ecstatic.

After taking a few minutes (err, more like 20 minutes…) to squeal about how we were about to be in the same room as Harry Styles, we headed out back to join the line of eager and antsy fans. While waiting, I had the opportunity to take in all of the homemade t-shirts, elaborate signs and fun outfits that I’m sure the fans spent hours working on. I snapped a few pictures of their efforts while we waited:

1DBlog_6_2013 1DBlog_7_2013  1DBlog_4_2013


Dedicated fans with bright and colorful Malik and Horan shirts.

After an anticipation filled wait we finally took our seats. Their opener, the young Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer, made for an impressive and lively way to hype up the crowd for 1D. Their unexpected cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” was a total smile inducing surprise.

When One Direction finally took to the stage after 5SOS, everyone was so loud; it was all but deafening. And yes… my friends and I were screaming along with the rest of the arena. I was so pleased that they opened with “Up All Night”, it was an incredibly energy-boosting start to the show. Their short but sweet cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” was one of the best parts of their set, and I really wish it had been a full cover instead of just a snippet.

Throughout the show, it was easy to see how much the band was genuinely enjoying themselves. “One Thing”, “Kiss You” and “Little Things” were my personal favorite parts of their set. Later on, they answered silly Twitter questions from fans and sang their “One Way or Another/Teenage Kicks” mashup on the b-stage, giving a nice break from their amusing antics on the main stage.

To wrap things up, they of course ended with “Live While We’re Young” and the one that everyone knows, “What Makes You Beautiful”; during which they played an impromptu little game of soccer… Not something you see at every concert you go to, right?

Now for the better part of this week, I’ve been wallowing in a post-concert depression which I just can’t seem to shake. Pathetic? Probably… but I mean, I just can’t help that British/Irish boy bands have that effect on me.

I guess for now I’ll be counting the days until they release their 3D movie at the end of this summer. Does anyone have time machine so I can fast forward?


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